The Best Skin Care Products for a Clear Complexion

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Are you tired of not being comfortable in your own skin? Have you tried every skin care regimen and remedy out there, only to be disappointed time and time again? Have you fallen into the never ending pit of self-doubt that further consumes you every time you see another individual with a beautiful complexion?

Let me tell you, friend, there was a point in my life where I found myself answering an ashamed, yet resounding, “YES” to each of those questions. And if you had asked me to name one single thing I wished I could change about myself, I would have told you, “my skin,” every single time. I was both a girly girl and an athlete, longing for the days when I could lay by the pool or show up at an early morning practice without having to put a “full face” on only to sweat it off within the hour. 

And did I mention both my best friend and boyfriend (now husband) had and still have flawless complexions? Every time they paid me a compliment, I passed it off as a pity remark and cringed at the realization that they were observing my face and my flaws, which were, in my book, one in the same.

Now, I know better. Now, I feel better. And you can too.

You deserve this...

As humans, but perhaps especially as women, it is engrained in our nature to take pride (or shame) in our appearance, and all too often, that tendency has a direct impact on our perception of our self-worth. I won’t go too far down that road, because after all, you came here today to find out about skin care, but just remember, self-care matters too. So, give yourself a compliment today. You deserve it!

Now, before the big reveal, I want to disclose that, like many of you, I spent years researching and trying new products before I found a combination that worked for me. And I promised myself that once I found a solution, I would find a way to bring it to others. With that being said, if you read this post and think these products might be a good fit for you, I hope you will consider using the links provided on this page to make your purchase. If you do, I may, at no additional cost to you, receive a small commission. 

This is not a multi-level marketing company — just me investing in something I believe in, something I know possesses the ability to change your life. Sharing is caring, and I hope you will use this information to help me help you, and in return, you will support the time and effort I put into providing valuable content over here in my little corner of the internet.

Now, on to the good stuff...

I was knee deep in an advanced Google Search when I finally struck the goldmine that is this company. I had never heard of Exposed Skin Care, but the transparency they display on their website had me sold from the start. Stats, ingredients, testimonials, it’s all there. And for a girl that would literally read 50 reviews before purchasing a pack of bubble gum, open information is everything.

Backed by a money back guarantee and thousands of five-start reviews, Exposed Skin Care offers a variety of single products and expanded kits, each customized to return your skin to its natural, healthy state. More specifically, “Exposed is designed to unclog blocked pores, kill acne causing bacteria and help your skin normalize the levels of sebum production, aid in the healing of skin lesions and reduce redness.”

You can click the banner or links throughout the post to read more about how Exposed combines science and nature to achieve that effect, but before you go, let me share my favorite products, tips, and coupons with you.

Products I use daily:

  • Facial Cleanser (morning and evening)
  • Clearing Tonic (morning and evening)
  • Acne Treatment Serum (morning)
  • Clear Pore Serum (evening)
  • Moisture Complex (morning and evening)
  • Probiotic Complex (morning)

All of these are included in the Ultimate Kit

The Best Skincare Products for a Clear Complexion
The Best Skin Care Products for a Clear Complexion

Tips for a Great Experience:

  • If it’s within your budget, I highly recommend purchasing one of the kits. The Ultimate Kit comes with the most products. That’s what I started out with three years ago, and I still love using all of the products it includes. The Expanded Kit is a great option as well. With the exception of the Probiotic Complex, it includes all of the products I use in my daily regimen. With the Basic Kit, you get the essentials, but you miss out on the Moisture Complex, which is one of my personal favorites.
  • Sign up for the free membership. I know some companies make memberships feel like the equivalent of selling your soul, but Exposed makes it so easy, and their coupons alone are worth the investment. You don’t have to keep the recurring deliveries, and honestly, you probably won’t need to since the products last such a long time. I place an order about once every three months, and usually, it’s just to replenish or stock up on one or two products. After my initial purchase, I have never had to spend more than $40 at once.
  • Don’t forget to use your coupon codes for HUGE SAVINGS.

My Favorite Coupons:

  • MEMBER (30% off individual products — does not apply to already discounted kits)
  • SAVE20ON3 (Save $20 on any three products)
Exposed Skincare

There you have it! These products truly changed my life. They make me proud to live comfortably in the skin God gave me, and that is a gift that I believe everyone deserves. 

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today!

Until next time,


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