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Hi, friends! I’m on the blog today to give you a peek into our tiny home on the farm! We are pressed for space, but not for things! With the exception of our appliances and the wedding gifts we received from our sweet friends and family, our home is filled with DIY projects and thrift shop finds. The mixture of old and new keeps us grounded and reminds us of the adventures that make this little bitty life we live┬áso special!

french door entryway in rustic tiny home farmhouse with antique chair and customized pillow
Our french doors make this tiny space feel so much bigger and brighter!

Shop and personalize the city/state pillow [HERE]

rustic fixer upper farmhouse kitchen with barnwood table in Catie's tiny home
This was the only log wall still standing after the previous owners' home caught fire. We love the character it adds and the story it has to tell. The top to our kitchen table was also left behind when the farm was put up for auction. We used it to freshen up the $25 dining set we found at a local yard sale! Finally, the mason jar chandelier was a fun little DIY project my mom and I completed!
rustic fixer upper farmhouse kitchen white dishes on barnwood shelves in Catie's tiny home
I love mixing our wedding dishes with vintage dishes I find at local thrift stores!
chalk painted white farmhouse hutch in Catie's tiny home
This hutch was my great-great-grandmother's. With a fresh coat of paint and stain, it has become my favorite piece in the house. And the storage is glorious!
What can I say? I like all the things! Full house, full heart!
When you only have 450-square feet to work with, living room decor doubles (actually, quadruples) as a vanity, desk, and storage space! This table was another piece left behind when the farm was sold. We finished the top with the same peel-and-stick flooring we used throughout the house! The mirror was another thrift store find!
This sign was one of the first things I made for our home. As for the rest, thank you Hobby Lobby clearance rack!
Catie's rustic neutral bedroom in farmhouse tiny home
Our bedroom is about 8'x8'. That means a teeny tiny closet and climbing over a slumbering husband and/or 80 pound ball of fluff [the dog] to get out of bed. Nevertheless, this room is my quiet place. It's where I come to reflect on the day's events, spend time with the Lord, and get the rest I need to do it all over again.
glass bottle and hydrangea fixer upper farmhouse decor
This is one of my favorite displays in our home. Dried hydrangeas mixed with vintage glass bottles. Some came from thrift stores while others were left behind at the farm or passed down from family members. The antiqued mirror is another piece we inherited with the farm!
And finally, our little bathroom. After feminizing the entire house, I had to change it up a bit to pacify my fisherman of a husband!
I do love the gray in here!

That’s it, ya’ll! Thanks for stopping by and browsing our tiny home! If you haven’t had a chance to check out the before and afters from around the farm, you can see those out [HERE]!

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